Halo Green Organic Garden Project

The Halo G.R.E.E.N. Organic Garden Project is a Howard University (HU) community collaboration that was initiated by the HU Society of Holistic Living (SHLM) during the spring semester of 2011 in honor of Earth Day.  The project is sponsored by the HU Office of Sustainability and exists as part of a concerted effort to educate students on the importance of Urban Gardening and its widening impact on “major” city policies and goals.

Organic fruits and vegetables have been known to provide numerous health benefits; however, they are often too expensive for the average individual. This is especially true in urban environments where locally grown fruits and vegetables are scarce.  As awareness about the nutritional value of organic produce continues to increase, individuals will look for affordable and practical ways to obtain these life sustaining foods.  In this movement, many people will be turning to community gardens which have proven to be a source of “fresh produce, satisfying labor, neighborhood improvement, and a sense of community and connection to the environment.” The Halo G.R.E.E.N. Organic Garden Project exists to play an important role in the development of community gardening in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

For more information email: hushlm09@gmail.com